Privacy and security for your business

Secure business email, calendar, VPN, and much more, built on the principle of your data, your rules.

Proton for business is secure enterprise email and much more.
Thousands of businesses using Proton enterprise email service.

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Encryption keeps your business secure

Protect your business’s future. Every email, calendar event, and even your internet connection is automatically secured with strong encryption.

Proton tools secure your data with strong encryption automatically.

Support your compliance objectives

Easily comply with regulations that require personal health information, financial documents, and other sensitive data to be protected.

Security through transparency

Proton was founded by scientists, and we believe in research, peer review, and transparency. All our apps are open source and independently audited so that anyone can use, inspect, and trust them.

Your data, your rules

Proton uses zero-access encryption(new window) and end to end encryption (PGP encryption) wherever possible. This helps ensure nobody, not even Proton, can decrypt, access, or share any of your business information. We don't serve ads and can't share your data with advertisers.

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Swiss privacy

Proton is based in Switzerland. This means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. We are a neutral and safe haven for your business data, committed to defending your business's digital presence (unlike other email service providers).

Proton allows you to centralize your email, calendar, and VPN under a single account.
Proton Business

The tools you need to get work done

Keep your custom email address ( and protect your communications with encrypted email.

Secure your calendar and prevent third parties from accessing the valuable details of how you run your business.

Whether at your desk or on the go, access financial accounts and confidential information, browse privately, and stay safe on public WiFi.

Easy setup and reliable service

Easy migration from Gmail and other email services

Easy migration from Gmail and other email services

Easily migrate your email from Gmail (Google Workspace), Outlook (Exchange or O365), or other providers in your new encrypted email service.

Manage your business

Manage your business

Quickly add and remove employees from Proton products through the admin panel. Dive into each user’s settings to reset passwords, allocate storage, and update subscription details.

99.95% guaranteed uptime

99.95% guaranteed uptime

Count on Proton’s secure, resilient infrastructure to deliver 24/7/365 uptime. Automatic backups, spam protection, and industry-leading security measures help protect your business data.

Our users say Proton for Business gave them simplicity and security

"We use the best encrypted email service provider in the world. It is inspiring that more and more people are using Proton Mail and essentially saying, I am taking privacy more seriously."

Yemi Babington-Ashaye, President of United People Global

Thomas Slätis, Proton Mail customer since 2020
Thomas Slätis
Vice president
Proton Mail customer since 2020
As an organization defending press freedom and access to information, privacy is both an ideal and a requirement. When we revamped our email communication architecture, Proton Mail provided adequate cornerstones: internal E2EE, audited open source and a growing secure ecosystem, thus allowing us to fulfill the latter and to approach the former.
Ethan Word, Proton Mail customer since 2016
Ethan Word
IT Admin
Proton Mail customer since 2016
We use Proton Mail for our medical imaging practice. Migration from our self-hosted servers was seamless, and our team loves the simplicity of sending patient reports to and from our partners.
Michael Maynes, Proton Mail customer since 2020
Michael Maynes
Proton Mail customer since 2020
Previously, we had a Google account, which was then transferred through Outlook. It was constantly having issues and we wanted more security for our attorney and client data and communications. Proton Mail makes it easy. It just works.
Glen Sibbeston, Proton Mail customer since 2018
Glen Sibbeston
Principal Engineer
Proton Mail customer since 2018
Being a startup, I am somewhat sensitive to price but I don't expect email to be a major expense. I simply need it to work. My plans and contracts get delivered to my clients. I also need access on both my computer and phone. With Proton Mail, I get all of that and the security is a bonus.
Pau Argelaguet, Proton Mail customer since 2019
Pau Argelaguet
Proton Mail customer since 2019
Our old self-hosted email server got infected by a virus. The virus opened the Outlook files and stole all the addresses. Then our members started getting spam from our email server — that was pretty terrible. With Proton, we get inboxes that are encrypted and more secure than services like Google.
Dr. Cappelli, Proton Mail customer since 2016
Dr. Cappelli
Proton Mail customer since 2016
[Proton Mail’s] encryption means I don't have to worry about my mail being read before it reaches the recipient. Other companies fail to respect my privacy.
Carlo Romanillos, Proton Mail customer since 2016
Carlo Romanillos
Proton Mail customer since 2016
Tecpron helps companies manage their IT infrastructure. Proton Mail helps mitigate endpoint and perimeter security risks that are present whenever our customers use their emails.

Comprehensive security and privacy for your business

Easily secure all your business communications, meetings, and documents with state-of-the-art encryption and advanced security features.